5 Finger Grass

5 Finger Grass

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Five Finger Grass has a hand-like apearance as it is a leaf divided into five segments. Due to the bright green coloring and arrangement of Five Finger Grass, the herb is associated with the planet and goddess Venus. It is a pleasant offering to Venus, as well as a unique addition to incense blends, mojo bags, or sachets.

This herb has a long  history in Hoodoo and is known to be used for warding off evil and bringing good luck in money matters and love affairs. It is suggested that you carry five finger grass with you when asking for a favor or bank loan. For a money drawing mojo bag, combine five finger grass, cinnamon chips, cloves, and dress with a money drawing oil. Some have said they make it into tea or add it to floor washes to clear away crossed conditions and bring better luck to your home. Hang a bag of five finger grass  over your fireplace mantle or hide it behind a picture or mirror  to rotect your household.


Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire



FIVE-FINGER GRASS is sold as a curio.




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