7.5oz Florida Water

7.5oz Florida Water

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Who doesn't love the smell of Florida Water? It's so refreshing, and it has so many uses! Here are just a few:


  • Bathe your waterproof crystals, jewelry, amulets, talismans and other spiritual tools in diluted Florida Water to cleanse and protect them. 
  • Spray or sprinkle some on thresholds and windowsills to protect your home, business or workplace and to welcome positive energy. 
  • Make a blessing spray for divination by mixing Florida Water with tap water and adding a small Amethyst crystal. Spray some on yourself, your hands and your space prior to a reading. Also good for clearing the energy between readings. 
  • Pray the 23rd Psalm over it and use it in place of Holy Water.
  • Using when cleaning your altar space. 
  • Spray or sprinkle some in your car.
  • Prevent nightmares by washing your bedsheets with a cup of Florida Water. 
  • Use it to cleanse and bless candles for ritual use (CAUTION: Be sure to allow the candles to dry completely before lighting.) Florida Water is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!
  • Add a dash to liquid fabric softener or to the final rinse to bless and protect your clothes.
  • Use it in offerings to Ancestors, can be used as offering water when visiting the cemetary or going to the crossroads. 
  • Place a capful in your hair conditioner to bless your head and clear it of heavy thoughts. 
  • Add to water used for scrying. 
  • Protect yourself by applying some daily, especially to the back of your neck, as you say affirmations/prayers for yourself.
  • Add some to your floorwashes to add an extra layer of cleansing and protection.
  • Put some in your diffusers to spread the scent throughout your home or business. 
  • Add some to your spiritual baths!




Okay, we know that was more than a few suggestions, but we love Florida Water so much, we could go on about it all day! This 7.5 oz bottle is enough for several of the uses listed above, but you might want to grab two of them, because you don't ever want to run out of Florida Water!

  • Care Instructions

    Keep away from heat and flame. HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!