7 Days Incense

7 Days Incense

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This incense is great for harnessing the powers of the days of the week, and can be used to strengthen spellwork done on particular days. 


  • Sunday is ruled by the Sun. Spellwork and meditations surrounding success, victory, creativity, achievement, auditions, etc can be more powerful when done on a Sunday.


  • Monday is ruled by the Moon. Spellwork and meditations surrounding psychic work, female fertility, reconciliation, dreams, spirit work, intuition, purification, etc can be more powerful when done on a Monday.


  • Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Spellwork and meditations surrounding protection, confidence, power, binding, passion, initiation, courage, etc can be more powerful when done on a Tuesday. 


  • Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Spellwork and meditations surrounding communication, health, wisdom, business, safety, divination, etc can be more powerful when done on a Wednesday. 


  • Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Spellwork and meditations surrounding wealth, luck, family, happiness, expansion, male fertility, ambition, etc can be more powerful when done on a Thursday. 


  • Friday is ruled by Venus.  Spellwork and meditations surrounding romance, lust, beauty, sexuality, harmony, growth, travel, etc can be more powerful when done on a Friday.


  • Saturday is ruled by Saturn. Spellwork and meditations surrounding transformation, fortune, astral travel, cleansing, banishing, prosperity, protection, psychic work, etc can be more powerful when done on a Saturday.


Add this incense to your collection of spiritual tools to enhance your magick! Each box contains 7 pouches of 5 incense sticks for a total of 35 sticks. 




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