Ancestor Money (12 Pieces)

Ancestor Money (12 Pieces)

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What is ancestor money and what is it for? Basically, it's paper "money" that is burned in order to "send it" into the spirit realm. It is widely believed to provide ancestors with whatever they need "on the other side". It is also for helping them resolve karmic debt. This is because, according to ancient teachings, when our ancestors pass away while they are in debt, that energy is transferred to their descendants. So since we inherit their debt and karmic lessons through our lineage, it's important for us to offset that. By offering ancestor money we symbolically resolve that debt. 


Another question we get a lot is, why is there an Asian man on the money? Well, that is The Jade Emperor, who is considered to be the deity in charge of ALL money on Earth. Remember that what we do for our ancestors, we also do for ourselves, so add some to your basket and make it rain on your ancestors! This listing is for 12 sheets of ancestors money. 

    Color: Red

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