Barberry Root Bark

Barberry Root Bark

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Barberry is a very protective plant. Use in protection sachets to hang over the front door or in magical rituals and spell craft to attract luck, prosperity or power. Lay barberry across the path of one they hate, to bar their enemy's progress. Lay out 3 barberry branches, or 3 lines of the cut-and-sifted herb, one 3-feet long and the other two 1-foot long. Lay the first branch or line from the person's house to the street. Place the two short branches or lines cross-wise to this, an equal distance from each other, to make a "double cross" shape. As you lay them down, say, "Now you will be barred, by Faith (first line), Hope (second line), and Charity (third line)".


Gender: Feminine

Planet: Mars

Element: Earth


Barberry Root Bark is sold as a curio.