Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt

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Salt of any kind is your most basic witchy need. Table salt, Kosher salt, Pink Himalayan salt....they all have their place. Dead Sea Salt in particular would be a great addition to your spiritual baths. In addition to salts use for protection, cleansing, and healing, Dead Sea Salt is gentle on your skin because of the mineral density. Dead Sea Salt has been known for centuries for it's healing properties. People have bathed in the Dead Sea to treat muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatism, and psoriasis.

  • When the intention of a hoodoo spell is primarily protective, salt may be used alone or combined with ingredients like saltpeter and black pepper. For more aggressive spells against enemies, such as Hot Foot and Crossing, salt may be added to red pepper, sulphur, and bluestone.
  • Salt is used in some traditions as a purification after attending a funeral. By scattering salt onto your body, it is believed that any evil spirits which may have clung to you will be shaken off, and unable to follow.
  • A bit of salt placed in your right shoe, at the heel and toe, can bring luck. To make your left shoe lucky, place salt and pepper inside of it.
  • Salt can be added to each corne of your home for protection.


Dead Sea Salt is sold as a curio.