Florida Water Air Freshener

Florida Water Air Freshener

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This air freshener and deodorizer Florida Water spray is a convenient aerosol version of the original Florida Water cologne. It's great for use around the home, in the car or at work. Some suggested uses are:


  • Spray some in the air to clear the energy between readings.
  • Spray your altar space
  • Spray your car, especially after giving someone else a ride. Especially good for Uber and Lyft drivers to use between passengers. 
  • Spray your spiritual tools.
  • Kids having nightmares? Relabel it as "Monster Repellant Spray" and use it in their rooms. Make sure you spray some in the closet and under the bed! Silently say affirmations of protection for them as you do. 
  • Care Instructions

    Highly flammable. Keep away from heat or flame. Can is 8 oz. 


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