High John Root

High John Root

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High John Root is a powerful component in spell work around luck, prosperity, sex drive, and to help win in court. It is said that when you carry it you will never be short of luck, in lov,e or mone. yAnoint one of the roots with mint oil and tie up in a green sachet. Carry it to attract money. High John is also carried to stop depression, bring love and success, protect from all hexes and curses, and to break and destroy spells and hexes. To make a simple anointing oil suitable for all purposes, take three High John roots, make small cuts into them with a sharp knife, and place these in a bottle of vegetable, olive, or mineral oil. Let the roots soak in the oil for several weeks. Leave the roots in the oil and use to anoint candles, sachets, and the like. To protect your home from evil, anoint a High John Root with protection oil. Hang it at the entrance door or you can bury the root next to the door. If you have plants around the house entrance, you can bury it around that area.


Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire


High John Root is sold as a curio.


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