Mojo Wish Beans

Mojo Wish Beans

Mojo Wish Beans also called African Wishing Beans are believed to possess the power to make your wishes come true. In some beliefs they are distributed for luck or carried in a flannel bag to obtain desires. Carry 1 Mojo Bean for each wish and watch them come true.

Say an affirmation or a short prayer over a Mojo wish bean is to carry it with you for 7 days, using it as a tool to help you manifest the wish you want. This is said to increase the odds of it coming true. When you have an important wish you want to manifest, carry the wishing beans with you in your pocket, purse or wallet to obtain your desires. It is said that you must make an ODD number of wishes - either 1, 3, 5, or 7 - and for each wish, place one wishing bean in your pocket, purse or wallet and carry with you for 7 days straight. On the 7th day, take the beans and throw them at the crossroads or into running water such as a river, stream, or the ocean, and call out your wishes as you do so. Walk away and don’t look back. Within 7 days, your wishes should come true. This listing is for 7 beans.


Planet: Pluto

Element: Earth