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Mugwort is said to provide safety and protection to those who visit foreign places or venture away from home, and to make journeys more pleasant by eliminating interference in travel plans. Mugwort is also thought to bring success to those who engage in psychic and visionary work such as mirror-scrying and crystal-gazing. Kept in a red bag under your pillow, it is believed to aid in the production of clairvoyant dreams. A tea made from mugwort is used by many to cleanse crystals. Mugwort tea has personally provided the most vivid and detailed dreams I've ever had. Dream recollection was also improved. It is also burned on charcoal with star anise, althaea, and resin incenses like frankincense, myrrh, copal oro, or benzoin to bring forth protective and benevolent spirits.


Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus, Earth

Element: Air

Chakra Colour: Violet


Mugwort is sold as a curio.