Nettle leaf

Nettle leaf

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Nettle is a strong jinx-breaker. Some mix it with another uncrossing herb, such as mint, rue, wahoo, or agrimony, plus a jinx-breaking mineral, like witch's salt, graveyard dust, or uncrossing powder. It is then sprinkled around the home to cut off curses. To break a jinx put on you by someone working with your hair or personal concerns, mix nettle,  pennyroyal, and graveyard dirt, and sprinkle it lightly on your hair and clothing for one night. Brush the mix off the next morning before dawn, then perform a smoke cleanse on yourself and your clothes with uncrossing incense, and drink a cup of mild nettle and pennyroyal tea. 


Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Water


Nettle leaf is sold as a curio.