Salt Peter

Salt Peter

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Salt Peter is a natural mineral with an abundance of uses. It has been used for simple things such as preserving food, a component in fertilizer, and in toothaste for sensitive teeth. It is also a lighting agent used in incense, fireworks, and gunpowder. In magick it has been known to stimulate loyalty and strengthen the bond between two people. It is rumored to act as an anaphrodisiac and decrease the male sex drive if ingested. Salt Peter has a long history in Hoodoo for its use in protecton and purification. It can be used as a shoe sprinkle and in spirtual baths and floor washes. It is often mixed with two other minerals to make a "Three-Ingredient” bath or sprinkle. One popular combination uses a teaspoon of salt peter, a cup of salt, and a tablespoon of powdered blueing in a bath. Wash downward only, to remove all evil influences. The same mixture can be used as dry granules to sprinkle around the house for spiritual cleaning. A similar mixture for Jinx-Breaking consists of a teaspoon of salt peter, a cup of salt, and a teaspoon of red pepper. It is often used in spellwork which is hoped to produce quick action. In this capacity, it can be an ingredient in love spells or money spells where fast action is required.


Salt Peter is sold as a curio.


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