Sassafras leaf

Sassafras leaf

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Sassafras is believed to bring good fortune in money matters, particularly through business success and steady income. Place sassafras in your wallet or purse where it will come into contact with your money. Blend it with Irish Moss and alfalfa and sprinkle under the carpets in your place of business once a week. This is to draw in cash and repeat customers, and aid business decisions.The same three herbs are ingredients in Money Stay With Me Oil. Placing a bowl of sassafras leaves on your altar attracts positive energy, and placing under the pillow brings prophetic dreams. Sassafras is also used in healing and prosperity sachets. It can be added to floor washes and ritual baths and used to dress spell candles.


Gender:  Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Chakra Colour:  Violet


Sassafras is sold as a curio.



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