Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi

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Uva Ursi is more commonly known as Bearberry. Native Americans add it to tobacco to make a mild, uplifting smoking mix called Kinni-Kinnick. Seers and readers blend equal parts Uva Ursi, Myrrh, Damiana, Tobacco, and psychic vision incense to make their powers more acute. If made in to a tea and drunk daily it is alleged by herbalists to aid the kidneys and by spiritualists to activate the gift to heal others. It helps with increased grounding and removes emotional blockages, hobias, and fears. Carrying the leaves in a Mojo Hand with anise seed and star anise is said to bring visionary dreams and aid divination. Those who use speckled stones to heal clients or carry one as a personal healing talisman make a tea of uva ursi, soak their stone in it, air-dry the stone, and carry it in the belief that its natural power is thereby enhanced. 


Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Water


Uva Ursi is sold as a curio.


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