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Wormwood is a well known herb because it is used to manufacture an alcoholic beverage called Absinthe, which has a reputation for Inducing visions. Medically, it was once used to expel worms from the body. Wormwood is related to mugwort and southernwood, and it is used in similar ways, for psychic and spiritual Work. Wormwood carried at the waist is said to be protective. If hung in a muslin bag on a car’s rear view mirror, it is believed to prevent accidents. It is commonly burned on charcoal to call upon benevolent spirits, and may be mixed with mugwort for this purpose. Wormwood can be added to any divinatory incense mixture to enhance the effects. It is also used in many love mixtures as an herb of persuasion.


Gender: Masculine

 Planet: Mars

 Element: Fire

 Chakra Colour: Yellow


Wormwood is sold as a curio.